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Chatter Bar is a 2 dimensional game with visual aesthetics of traditional art based on the theme "Bars, Which Places" of the second edition of ESNE GameJamón.

Within this proposal, the player embodies the role of a waiter who will have to decide which customer to attend for a series of nights. These clients will open up emotionally to him and tell him about their problems and lives. Every night, depending on the customer we attended the night before, we will see how the bar is filled with souvenirs and gifts made by satisfied customers.

Every time you play, the stories of the characters can vary, as well as their outcomes and gifts. We’ll see if you can get them all.


Aitor González - Programmer

Diana Montoro - 2D Character artist and Animator

Max Montalvo - 2D Prop and Enviroment Artist

Luis Sagastibelza - Game designer and Producer

Alvaro Valencia - FX sound artist and Music composer


Except for the song of "Al calor de un amor en un bar", which belongs to the group Gabinete Caligari, all the other effects of audios and music are own and original compositions created during this jam. Similarly, all the art used is original.


Download the file .zip that is offered here. Unzip the file and once inside run the file .exe called "Chatter Bar". Once this is done, select the full screen and graphic settings and give it to play. And that’s it!

We hope you like the project and enjoy it as much as we give it life! 
Until the next game, Estekes Studio^^


Chatter Bar.zip 149 MB

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